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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Huneadoara - Hotels Reviews

As there are not many options in Huneadoara, Hotel Rusca is definitely a good one. A standard hotel, safe, clean rooms - and located in the center of the city. The price is fine, breakfast could be better, but apart from that we had a good stay for one night there. (Longer you wouldn't want to stay in Hunedoara anyway, unless you have to!)

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking up social work and psychology

Family and child welfare is a field in social work.Family and child welfare social workers help children who were abused physically or emotionally.Family and child welfare social workers provide services for families, for the purpose of improving their social and psychological function.Take, for example, child welfare workers action if they detect child abuse in the family.In addition, help, family social work in Louisiana families deal with problems of their relationship, marriage, home management, finances and health.But social workers to help not only children and families, but also to help in different situations.

People have been asking since time immemorial, people, why to behave accordingly.The psychology profession wanted to do was by the Greek philosopher Aristotle to explore, what could the human spirit.The idea to help people and show to the less fortunate is by some religions, but especially Christianity and social work is the career that makes this happen.With the social work and psychology, it is like for someone to help you to improve on a career in the people, between the two is chosen to decide.Explanation of some of the most popular professions in social work and psychology is a greater understanding of how it is against.

Looking up social work and psychology in the World Book Encyclopedia provides information about the key fields and what they offer.Thus, The Big Book of Jobs, 2005-2006 edition, College Board Web site, nursing bachelor degree, and the California Employment Development Department Career Information Web site.This is how to distinguish three major professional fields of social work and three major professional fields in psychology.They usually specialize in the study of children and adolescents.

They examine why they do what they, and what are their reasons, such as choice of friends.It is to be seen how the psychology of the research is, but it is a field in psychology, not research.Counseling psychologists use techniques such as interviews and tests to be able to advise people about their problems.They work in places such as hospitals, individual and group practices and schools.

This brings us to the mental health in a different field of social work.Mental health social workers help people who suffer from mental and emotional stress.It is carry a lot of the same types of services, medical social workers.Mental health social workers usually work in hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers, individual and family service agencies and local government.They also take one to one and group therapy.

Social worker is also available in the schools.Take part in programs in the schools in any way imaginable, from kindergarten school.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vampire in Transylvania

Departing from Bucharest, from June till September, Vampire in Transylvania offers a 7 days trip back in time, following Jonathan Harker's footsteps but revealing the genuine historical facts and places. Includes the unique medieval citadel of Sighisoara - Vlad the Impaler's birth place, the Saxon city of Brasov, Bistrita Citadel, the royal Peles Castle, the mysterious Bran Castle as well as Dracula's Castle in Borgo Pass. In addition, the special activities prepared, all along the itinerary, bring out the essence of the genuine Transylvanian Folklore. The prestigious Fodor's travel guide, placed Vampire in Transylvania 2007 in Top ten must-do adventures that will make the coming New Year one to remember.

Financial Info

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Transylvania - an Authentic European Experience

DAY 1 Budapest - Satu Mare, we begin our adventure in Transylvania from Budapest.Our guide picks you up at the airport and presents the magnificent scenery unfolds before you.We finish our journey in Satu Mare, dinner and accommodation in a stunning setting.Module: wine tasting in Tokaj, Hungary, the same wine drunken by A.Musketeers of Dumas.

Travel tips - family friendly hotels in Havaii - browse list.

DAY 2 Satu Mare - Certeze - Sapanta - Sighet - Baia Mare, we begin our day in the spectacular scenery of Maramures by visiting the Merry Cemetery Sapinta, where you can also see the highest wooden church in Romania.Our next stop is a communist prison.Welcome to Baia Mare and enjoy a menu Maramuresean for dinner.Tip: If you wake up in the morning you have the chance to visit the flea market in Satu Mare.

DAY 3 Baia Mare - Calinesti - Barsana - Sacel - Bistrita The path we follow today is dotted with wooden churches and very similar to the way of the Norwegian Church.Driving Sacel and be guests of the famous craftsman Grigore Tulean.From there we travel to Borgo Pass and visit the castle of Count Dracula! We will then visit the puppet show presented by Misiuga, Baron of Dracula in Dogarilor Tower in Bistrita.Welcoming in Bistrita.Special dinner in Jonathan Harker Saloon (the main character of Dracula) of Golden Crown, a folk group performing live at the restaurant.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Transylvania Ride

Transylvania is Europe's great undiscovered trail riding destination, as well as being where “Cold Mountain” was filmed. Step back in time and visit Transylvania, the forested hills of northern Romania, where horses are still used to plough the fields, to pull hay carts in the harvest and to drag logs from the forests. The un-spoilt Rodna mountains overlook the dramatic sweep that was Dracula's domain. To the south lies the Borgo Pass, now immortalized by Bram Stoker. Close by are the historic Saxon towns and the famous painted monasteries of Moldovita, Humor and Voronet which are well worth a visit before or after the ride. The surrounding forests are home to bears, wolves, lynx and deer and the hay fields are full of wild flowers. This is beautiful, timeless riding country.
Rides take place in northern Transylvania, based at Lunca Ilvei, a remote mountain village in the Bargau region. The area is quiet and un-spoilt, with no through road, and most of the limited traffic still horse-drawn. Food is locally grown, organic and flavorsome. Meadows are scattered with wild flowers. Here horses are still used to bring hay and other supplies, to plough the land, and to travel around the local area. This is a trip back into the past, where you experience a horse-drawn rural society that has scarcely changed in generations. This is wonderful riding country with plenty of open space and varied scenery. Much of the riding is through forest, across pastures, and up and down mountains. Most of the higher ground is open rather than forested, so there are extensive views. There is much to see of cultural interest with many local people living in conditions that have changed little for hundreds of years. Overnights are in clean rural guesthouses along the way with lots of charm and local personality. The rides are run by a British couple operating a riding centre which uses fully qualified guides and actively supports the local community employing local people and buying produce from small local farms wherever possible.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Riding Tours in Romania

Riding Horses Tours in Romania

Riding horses makes you feel free like in the old times, when people could go wherever they want, without travelers checks, money, cars, buses, passports or any of these modern gadgets.

Ride up on the high hills, deep valleys and canyons, wide fields or through the dark forests of Transylvania, with no barriers at all. That’s the absolute freedom you always dreamed about. Now you can feel it in the most authentic way.

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Mountain Biking Tours in Romania

Dusty single trails and rocky forestry roads cross the Romania's mountains in all directions, creating a mountain bikers paradise, with superb landscapes.

Bucegi Mountains is one of the most spectacular mountain range in Romania. A large network of forestry roads and single trails, the superb landscapes, are making these mountains the perfect place for a unforgettable mountain bike holiday in Romania.

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