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Monday, April 24, 2006

Transylvania Ride

Transylvania is Europe's great undiscovered trail riding destination, as well as being where “Cold Mountain” was filmed. Step back in time and visit Transylvania, the forested hills of northern Romania, where horses are still used to plough the fields, to pull hay carts in the harvest and to drag logs from the forests. The un-spoilt Rodna mountains overlook the dramatic sweep that was Dracula's domain. To the south lies the Borgo Pass, now immortalized by Bram Stoker. Close by are the historic Saxon towns and the famous painted monasteries of Moldovita, Humor and Voronet which are well worth a visit before or after the ride. The surrounding forests are home to bears, wolves, lynx and deer and the hay fields are full of wild flowers. This is beautiful, timeless riding country.
Rides take place in northern Transylvania, based at Lunca Ilvei, a remote mountain village in the Bargau region. The area is quiet and un-spoilt, with no through road, and most of the limited traffic still horse-drawn. Food is locally grown, organic and flavorsome. Meadows are scattered with wild flowers. Here horses are still used to bring hay and other supplies, to plough the land, and to travel around the local area. This is a trip back into the past, where you experience a horse-drawn rural society that has scarcely changed in generations. This is wonderful riding country with plenty of open space and varied scenery. Much of the riding is through forest, across pastures, and up and down mountains. Most of the higher ground is open rather than forested, so there are extensive views. There is much to see of cultural interest with many local people living in conditions that have changed little for hundreds of years. Overnights are in clean rural guesthouses along the way with lots of charm and local personality. The rides are run by a British couple operating a riding centre which uses fully qualified guides and actively supports the local community employing local people and buying produce from small local farms wherever possible.


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