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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Transylvania - an Authentic European Experience

DAY 1 Budapest - Satu Mare, we begin our adventure in Transylvania from Budapest.Our guide picks you up at the airport and presents the magnificent scenery unfolds before you.We finish our journey in Satu Mare, dinner and accommodation in a stunning setting.Module: wine tasting in Tokaj, Hungary, the same wine drunken by A.Musketeers of Dumas.

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DAY 2 Satu Mare - Certeze - Sapanta - Sighet - Baia Mare, we begin our day in the spectacular scenery of Maramures by visiting the Merry Cemetery Sapinta, where you can also see the highest wooden church in Romania.Our next stop is a communist prison.Welcome to Baia Mare and enjoy a menu Maramuresean for dinner.Tip: If you wake up in the morning you have the chance to visit the flea market in Satu Mare.

DAY 3 Baia Mare - Calinesti - Barsana - Sacel - Bistrita The path we follow today is dotted with wooden churches and very similar to the way of the Norwegian Church.Driving Sacel and be guests of the famous craftsman Grigore Tulean.From there we travel to Borgo Pass and visit the castle of Count Dracula! We will then visit the puppet show presented by Misiuga, Baron of Dracula in Dogarilor Tower in Bistrita.Welcoming in Bistrita.Special dinner in Jonathan Harker Saloon (the main character of Dracula) of Golden Crown, a folk group performing live at the restaurant.

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